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How Much Can You Save With Solar?

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Want to take active control of your energy bills and contribute to a brighter, sustainable future? Impact Energy is here to help with dependable, efficient, and effective solar solutions. To make solar energy more accessible for Colorado residents, we are excited to offer solar loan financing.

Choose Impact Energy For Superior Solar Panel Installations and Solar Financing

Colorado Loans

Transitioning to solar energy can have a tremendous positive impact on your finances, as well as being a significant commitment to preserving the environment. However, for maximum benefits, top quality solar equipment, expertly planned and installed, is essential. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental responsibility, we have become a leading solar energy and solar panel installation provider in Colorado.

We know, however, that many households may not be able to cover the upfront costs of getting an efficient, productive solar panel system that meets your needs fully.

With solar energy, you start saving instantly, so getting a quality system installed as soon as possible is in your best interest. Our loans help you do just that. To help our customers leverage the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy, we offer competitive solar loans.

Colorado Solar Financing

We partner with reliable credit agencies to offer competitive fixed interest rates and affordable interest rates and loan terms.

Benefit From The Best in Solar Energy Systems

Our team of experts has designed and installed countless rooftop and ground-mounted solar panel systems, solar batteries, and electric vehicle chargers. We have experience designing systems that function better and provide superior value to our customers.

We pride ourselves on exclusively using top-tier solar equipment and materials, installed using best practices for superior results. That’s why we back our installations with industry-leading warranties, to give you peace of mind in your investment.

Tailored to Your Budget

We know that every customer and their property is unique, so we offer tailored solar energy solutions to meet your energy goals and budget.

Now, Even More Affordable With our Colorado Loans for Solar Upgrades

Investing in solar energy is an amazing opportunity, but only if you can take advantage of it.

The cost savings that solar energy offers more than compensates for the initial investment cost, but not everyone can make that upfront payment. We offer solar loans, so everyone can benefit from the long-term savings.

Solar Loan Financing: Enabling Energy Independence

The upfront cost of a solar installation can be a barrier for many, so we’re excited to offer solar loan financing in Colorado.

Join the increasing number of Colorado residents that are enjoying the freedom of energy independence. With solar energy, you can slash your utilities bills and protect yourself against continuing spikes in energy costs.

How Does It Work?

We offer a variety of flexible financing options to suit your budget. With competitive fixed interest rates and loan terms, you can get the financing you need, with payments you can afford.

Our friendly team of experts will come to your home for a free consultation. We’ll assess your energy needs, discuss financing options, and provide customized recommendations on solar energy systems. Once you have chosen a solar energy solution that meets your needs, our streamlined application process features quick approvals, so you can achieve energy independence right away.

Our comprehensive solar solutions include:

  • Rooftop Solar Panels
  • Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Systems
  • Solar Batteries
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers

If you choose to take advantage of our Solar Loan Financing program, our financing experts will guide you through the application process. After that, we handle the planning and installation of your solar energy system; you can just sit back and relax.

Offsetting Loan Costs with Savings

Solar panels lower your monthly utility costs and significantly boost the value of your home - the net positives more than outweigh the costs of our solar loans, with affordable loan terms.

Utility Cost Savings

You can spread the cost of your solar installation over time with low monthly payments. Your energy bills will immediately decrease. The money you save each month on utility costs will offset your loan payments, for minimal impact to your finances.

Colorado Solar Installers

Home Value Increases

Solar panels significantly increase the value of your home, making them a powerful investment for the future. Solar loan financing interest costs are further offset by the increase in the value of your property. As a result, your loans pay for themselves.

Colorado Solar Installers

Leverage Incentives

Right now, you can also get the federal and state government to help pay for your upgrades. Getting a solar loan helps you upgrade now, to take advantage of the generous government incentives currently available, before they are discontinued.

Colorado Solar Installers

Colorado RENU Loan

The Colorado RENU Loan Program is sponsored by the Colorado Energy Office, partnering with Colorado-based credit unions. This statewide residential loan program makes home energy upgrades affordable by offering low-cost, long-term financing on energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. See our incentives page for more information.

Our solar loans are independent of the Colorado RENU program; however, if you qualify for RENU, the benefits of this program can be combined with our financing.

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