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Tesla Power Wall Battery Backup
Impact Energy is your trusted partner in optimizing solar power solutions. We go beyond installing solar panels to providing our clients with optimal energy solutions. To maximize your energy savings, and increase the reliability of energy, we also are experts at installing battery energy storage solutions.


We know how important it is for our customers to have a seamless energy supply they can depend on. They also want to maximize the benefits of having a system for solar energy. That’s why we proudly offer carefully selected, premium backup solar batteries like the Tesla Powerwall, so you get the most out of your solar panel investment.


If you want to ensure you never need to draw electricity from the grid, especially at night or in the winter, or want to have complete energy reliability even when neighbours are experiencing a power outage, including a solar battery storage solution with your solar panels will help.

How Do Backup Solar Batteries Help?

At Impact Energy, we want to help you turn solar power into a reliable source that supports your business or home. Our backup solar batteries are carefully selected to provide you solar storage that lasts a long time and has superior performance, so they store energy reliably and efficiently. They’re also a lot quieter than a standby generator.

Complements Your Solar Panels to Provide an Uninterrupted Power Supply

Our backup solar batteries kick into action seamlessly when needed, so your lights stay on, appliances continue to work, and you don’t notice any disruption.

Optimizes Your Energy Use

With solar storage, you’re able to use excess solar energy that’s generated during the day whenever you need it. You can benefit from your solar panels’ energy, even at night, when they stop generating power.

If you are looking at increasing electrification of your house, such as moving to electric water heaters and other such solutions, solar battery storage will make this transition more effective.

A solar battery installation significantly reduces how much you will continue to depend on traditional energy sources.

Solar Batteries

Benefits of a Better Solar Battery

At Impact Energy, we only use premium batteries from reputable manufacturers, like Tesla, for a solar battery installation. To get the best results from your solar panels, a great battery system will make all the difference.

Seamless Integration

Our batteries will work seamlessly with your solar panels, so everything works perfectly and you get uninterrupted power.

High Capacity

When your solar panels are generating high levels of extra power on a sunny day, a quality battery has the battery storage capability to store all of that extra power, so you can use it when you need it.

While you can get credit for electricity accumulated when you make more power than you use, with a superior solar battery storage system, you can become completely independent from the grid.

Aesthetic Design

The sleek look of our backup batteries means they will look good, whether mounted indoors or outdoors. They fit seamlessly into your space.

Longevity and Reliability

We only use high quality batteries that are durable and offer long lifespans, as well as continuous reliability. You can enjoy the advantages of solar battery storage systems that provide years of dependable service.

Peace of Mind

With reliable and uninterrupted power, you know you will have energy when you need it – whether you are on an important online meeting or just watching a favorite show.

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Achieve Energy Freedom with Impact Energy

Impact Energy has the expertise you need to determine your backup solar battery storage needs and tailor your system to ensure your needs are met. We can help you become completely independent for your energy needs.

Customized Solutions

We've worked with a broad range of clients, and know how to assess your energy needs and consumption patterns so we can recommend the best backup solar battery solution for you.

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Expert Guidance

We have the expertise to advise you on solar energy systems and solar battery options. We take time to answer your questions and educate you on solar storage solutions.

Colorado Solar Installers

Expert Installation for Full Integration

Your solar battery installation will be simple and hassle-free for you, with everything set up so your solar panels and batteries work seamlessly together for optimal energy provision and storage. Enjoy the lack of interruption and glitch-free difference that an expert installation can make.

Go Green with Impact Energy

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who are not only enjoying energy independence, but are making a difference for our planet. Backup solar batteries can be the final component that ensures a solar panel system operates at full potential at any time.

Contact us today to find out more about solar energy solutions, and how they can help you!

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