Residential solar power, which was once an expensive luxury, has now become a smart, affordable alternative to traditional power sources.  Not only because the cost of solar has decreased dramatically over the last 10 years, but also because of zero-down financing options.  Gone are the days where you had to pay cash up front or sign a 30 year lease in order to receive the benefits of photovoltaic solar.  You can now simply reallocate the money you’re currently paying to rent your power, and put it towards a cheap, fixed amount with an end date.  

Not to mention the added home equity that producing your own power that solar provides.  When you sell your home, it’s often sold at a premium price because home buyers recognize the importance of being protected against rising energy costs.




Batteries provide backup energy storage for your solar system that are capable of detecting power outages when the power grid goes down.  The minimalistic, all-in-one design allows you to keep your lights on and appliances running without fuel or noise, unlike traditional generators.  They can be mounted either indoors or outdoors, and can be stacked together for high energy consumption while maintaining a compact, minimalistic design with a long lifespan.




Solar Shingles are an innovative technology that provides our customers with an attractive alternative to traditional photovoltaic solar panels.  They integrate directly into the roof instead of being mounted with racking on top of roof shingles.  The result? A high performance, low-profile look with all the clean energy, energy bill saving benefits of standard solar panels.



Charging your electric vehicle at home is now convenient & faster than ever. Home EV charging used to be limited to plugging into a 110-volt wall outlet and waiting 12-24 hours for a full charge. Now, we are able to install the charger into a 240-volt outlet and increase charging speeds up to 12 to 60 miles of range per hour of charging. This allows you to get the most out of your electric vehicle for both local and long-distance trips. 

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