Rooftop Solar

Impact Energy is a full-service solar company with thousands of residential & commercial installations under our belts. We install only the highest quality American-made solar panels and use all Tier-1 equipment with a sleek, low profile design. Your system will be more efficient, last longer, provide more savings, and result in a clean, streamlined look.

How Does Solar Work?

Solar panels are just one component of the clean energy system that converts sunlight into electricity.

Solar Panels – Each photovoltaic solar panel is made up of many individual solar cells, which consist of silicone and silver. These cells absorb light & convert it into electron energy.

Inverter – The inverter converts each volt of DC power into AC power, making it ready to be used throughout your home.

Net Meter – The net meter is used to measure your electrical supply. Any excess electricity generated feeds back into the grid & will carry over to the following month.

Monitoring App – Your home’s performance monitoring portal will allow you to track your system’s production data around the clock from your smart phone or computer.

How many panels will you need?

Each custom solar system is different, and your design will depend on your roof’s orientation, as well as your historic electric consumption.

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