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Find out if clean, renewable energy can save you thousands, too.

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  • Zero Up-Front Costs
  • Fixed Monthly Rate
  • Own Your Power
  • Added Home Equity
  • 30% Solar Tax Credit
  • No Prepayment Penalties

Impact the Planet

We’re the first generation to know that we’re destroying our planet and the last generation that can do anything about it.

I is for Integrity

Impact is built on the principle of doing business with integrity. That means we’ll treat you with respect, honesty & world-class customer service from the initial savings report until long after your system is up and running.

The Impact Energy Promise:

We only install the highest quality, Tier-1 American-made solar panels and equipment with industry-leading warranties to back it up.

Colorado’s Best Local Solar Company

Home Solar installed
We aren’t some fly-by-night solar company. We’re Colorado’s best full-service local solar provider. And we’re here to stay.

World-Class Customer Service

Since we don’t outsource, we’re able to deliver a customer experience that sets the industry standard.

Professional Certified Solar Installation

Impact Energy solar installation
We only hire the best & take pride in our work. All of our expert solar installers & electricians are industry licensed, trained & certified.

Our Testimonials

Based on 60+ Reviews
Kade H.Lakewood, Colorado
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Impact Solar's team was a pleasure to work with through an amazing amount of coordinating the various agencies involved in setting up a new solar system. I was impressed with their customer care, curtesy, professionalism and immaculate attention to detail. It is also important to say I chose them because, with their contract, I own my own solar system and can sell it with my house should I decide to sell. I won't have to continue to negotiate with Impact Solar .I highly recommend them.
BlakeDenver, Colorado
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Impact energy, is the way of the future. solar power is cost affordable, eco friendly and an investment for any homeowner that is sure to start paying them back in full!!! the money saved by allowing the natural energy of the sun to empower your home, while transmuting that Home property value to gold. Quick service with award winning smiles. I'm ecstatic Garrett Farley to have Impact energy to assist with my solar needs.
Sarah H.Louisville, Colorado
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I received my first full bill after having worked with McKenzie & Aaron of Impact Solar, and I couldn't be more thrilled!(see photo) Their electrician Billy, was also super helpful through the whole process. Overall, they were great to work with and provided me with top notch service. Compared to some of the other solar setups in my neighborhood, the panels themselves are also very sleek and aesthetically pleasing. Definitely look to Impact Solar when considering solar. Very happy to be able to reduce our carbon footprint and harness the power of the sun! 🌞
Dylan H.Longmont , Colorado
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Impact is incredible! My brother Garrett Farley turned me onto them! Garrett is a very knowledgeable man, with a trove of value in today's competitive marketing world! Based on the information Garrett provided me, Impact offers an outstanding renewable energy source, renewable energy is the future, don't be caught outdated or scammed by the electric companies!
Jason V. Westminster, Colorado
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When working with a company similar to Impact Solar, clients look for punctuality, honesty and credibility- fortunately this company checks all those boxes while being friendly and responsible. Highly recommend this company.

Impact Energy Solar Installs

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How Does Solar Work?

Solar panels are just one component of the clean energy system that converts sunlight into electricity.

Solar Panels

Each photovoltaic solar panel is made up of many individual solar cells, which consist of silicone and silver. These cells absorb light & convert it into electron energy.


The inverter converts each volt of DC power into AC power, making it ready to be used throughout your home.

Net Meter

The net meter is used to measure your electrical supply. Any excess electricity generated feeds back into the grid & will carry over to the following month.

Monitoring App

Your home’s performance monitoring portal will allow you to track your system’s production data around the clock from your smart phone or computer.

How Does Net Metering Work?

Solar panels are just one component of the clean energy system that converts sunlight into electricity.

During the day, your solar panels produce more power than you consume.

We do this on purpose. Your utility provider will track all the excess energy your panels produce so that you can ‘bank’ it for nighttime consumption. Over the entire month, you’ll produce energy credits in the daytime and they will show up on your electric bill as you remain connected.

During the night, your home will consume more power than you produce.

Since solar doesn’t produce at night, your utility will provide your home with energy from the accumulated credits your panels produce during the day. Over the entire month, you’ll pull from the ‘banked’ energy credits in the nighttime. The utility will track all the energy consumed so that you’re left with a ‘net’ usage amount at the end of each month.

Home Solar Installation Louisville Colorado

If you live in Louisville, Colorado and you are looking for a local solar installation company, we are here to serve you. If you’re like most people, you like doing business locally to not only keep your hard-earned money within the community, but also so you have a trusted partner close by to answer any questions & swing by at the drop of a hat if any service issues arise.

Home Solar installed

Your #1 Local Solar Company

With an expert staff of over 50+ years of combined solar experience, we have a great track record with thousands of customers, but also the reputation & trust of local utility companies, building permit

officials, and electrical inspectors to ensure that your system is approved & activated in a timely fashion.

All of our solar equipment comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty, and we slap a 10 year workmanship warranty on everything we touch. You’ll also be able to monitor your system’s production from your smartphone and see each panel’s individual performance.

Need a new roof as well? Whether it’s before we install your solar panels or years down the road, we’re one of the few companies that has an in-house certified roofing division division.

Impact Energy Solar in Louisville, CO

Want to learn more about us? Come by our shop and meet the team in person for a hands-on experience with our professionals. We’re happy to answer your questions & give you a tour of our showroom!

Locally Owned & Operated

Doing business locally not only helps improve the local economy, but also helps create jobs for neighbors, friends & family members in your community!

Impact Energy

Interested In Getting A Solar Battery Backup?

Tesla Power Wall Battery Backup

We also offer a full line of solar battery backup power options.

One of the most popular options for solar batteries includes the Tesla Powerwall. When the power goes out and you are in a pinch, Tesla Powerwalls can keep you going without ever even knowing the power is out.

Contact us about battery options below:

Solar System EV Chargers

Home EV charging used to be limited to plugging into a 110v wall outlet and waiting 12-24 hours for a full charge. Now, we are able to install the EV charger into a 240v outlet and increase charging speeds up to 12 – 60 miles of ranger per hour of charging. 

Tesla EV Charger

Impact Solar Energy In Louisville Colorado

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