Ground Mounted Solar in Colorado

ground mounted solar

If you’re a homeowner with a smaller or shaded roof, or if you expect to use a lot of electricity, ground mounted solar panels are the perfect solution, especially when they are expertly installed to maximize efficiency and production. At Impact Energy, we mount and secure the solar panels to their sturdy metal frame with the optimal pitch and azimuth, so you get more energy, more dependably.

Benefits of Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground-mounted solar panels work in the same way as rooftop panels, but tend to be more efficient and productive. While any solar installation is a great source of clean energy, a ground-mounted system, particularly one equipped with a tracking mechanism, outperforms rooftop counterparts by 10% to 45%.

Although ground-mounted solar panels may have an initially higher cost per watt for the solar installation, compared to rooftop installations, ground mounted solar panels often more than make up for this with their exceptional efficiency and productivity.

Maximized Solar Energy Production

Ground-mounted solar panel installations, when tailored to your specific needs and optimally mounted and secured, maximizes the solar energy production for your home. You can generate massive amounts of electricity to meet all of your needs, even if you are increasing your dependence on electricity in the home. If you’re switching to an on-demand electric water heater, electric vehicle, or other electric solutions, this is a great option for you.


By investing in solar panels, you’re investing in a more cost-effective future. With ground mount solar panels, your potential to harvest solar energy is greatly increased, so you can leverage this advantage even more.

You can enjoy significant cost savings on energy over the years, and be protected against future energy cost increases. Also, with efficient solar installations, you can generate enough electricity to allow you to switch more to electricity and away from fossil fuels. You can get an electric vehicle and charge it, or move to electric water heaters, and more, without increasing your energy costs. Plus, you get a credit whenever you make more than you use, so you are covered if you do need to draw power from the grid.

Environmental Benefits

Even standard ground mount installations are exceptional for reducing your carbon footprint. Their enhanced solar production and efficiency capabilities, and the way they can allow you to become completely energy independent, using only the power of the sun, means you can take a bigger step towards a better, greener future.

Reliable Power

Whenever choosing energy options, reliability is one of the most important considerations. The capacity of ground mount solar installations to generate ample amounts of electricity make ground mounted residential solar panels a great choice for independent and reliable energy.

Stress-Free Living

You don’t need to worry about fluctuating energy prices, scrupulously avoiding using any energy, or blackouts with a superior ground mount solar installation. We ensure you have reliable, cost-effective, green energy so you can relax knowing it’s there for you when you need it.

Ground Mounted Solar Panel Tracking Options to Absorb More Sun

One of the reasons ground-mounted solar panels are so versatile and efficient is that tracking features are available, to further boost performance. Tracking allows ground mount solar panels to move as the sun does, for maximum sunlight throughout the day.

You can choose between a single-axis system to optimize your energy generation throughout the day or a dual-axis tracking system, to accommodate shifts in the seasonal positions of the sun, as well.

Who Benefits Most From a Ground Mount Solar Panel System

Some customers benefit more from a ground mount solar installation. Our expert team at Impact Energy can guide you on whether ground mounting for your energy efficiency upgrades is your best option. In some cases, ground mount systems are an obvious choice as an alternative, or in addition to, rooftop solar panels.

When Your Roof Isn't Suitable for Rooftop Solar Panels

If your roof has obstructions, excessive shade, or other factors that make it less than ideal for rooftop solar panels, ground-mounted solar panels are likely your best solution if you have enough ground space.

Colorado Solar Installers

When You Have Higher Than Average Energy Needs

For homes with high energy demands, ground-mounted solar panels are the optimal choice. Whether you're converting wherever possible from gas to electricity, such as buying an electric car, our ground systems provide the extra energy you need. You can even combine it with a rooftop system for extremely high needs. 

Ground systems let you move more towards being completely supported by electricity, while enjoying a cost effective and reliable source for your additional electricity needs.

Quality Solar Installations

At Impact Energy, our goal is to help Colorado residents embrace a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, so we’re about more than just installing solar panels.

We consult with you to determine your needs, assess your historical usage, and take into consideration several additional factors before recommending solutions, including ground mount solar panels.

We then expertly install your ground mounted solar panels, using only durable, top-quality panels to maximize the energy production you can expect from your system.

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