Electric Vehicle Chargers

Owning an electric vehicle to help reduce carbon emissions is growing in popularity in recent years, and has no signs of slowing down soon.  Electric vehicles made up nearly 5% of all new cars purchased in 2020.  Experts predict that electric vehicles will make up 48% of new cars sold by 2030.

EV charging stations are showing up at more and more locations along interstates, major highways and roads.  These are quick & convenient for road trips,  but the convenience of home charging for daily commutes requires the installation of either a Level 1 or Level 2 EV charger.

Most electric vehicles come with a 120V charging cable to plug your car into a standard wall outlet – called Level 1 charging.  Electric vehicle owners are often surprised how long it actually takes to charge their car this way.

For a faster charging option, allow one of Impact’s certified electricians to install a 240V charging cable – called Level 2 charging.  Level 1 chargers are only capable of charging an average of 4 miles of ranger per hour of charging – taking 12-24 hours for a full charge.  Level 2 chargers increase charging speeds up to 12 – 60 miles of range per hour of charging.  This allows owners to get the most out of their electric vehicle for both local and long distance trips – spending less time charging and more time driving.

But remember, electric vehicles are only as clean as their power source!  Charging an electric vehicle with electricity that’s produced from a coal-fired power plant is actually worse from the environment than driving a gasoline powered vehicle!  But when you’re charging your EV with electricity from your solar panels, you’re reducing your carbon footprint – and saving more money, because both charging stations and utility companies are both more expensive than solar. 

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