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A Premier Roofing Company in Denver, CO

Impact Energy: A Premier Roofing Company in Denver, CO

In the heart of Colorado, Denver roofing contractors Impact Energy stands as a testament to quality workmanship and professionalism. As we all know, roofs are more than just shelter—they add value to your home while safeguarding it from harsh weather conditions.

Importance of Hiring a Professional Roofing Company in Denver

At Impact Energy, we bring expertise and experience that most local installers can’t match.

We understand local building codes, safety protocols, and have access to high-quality materials and the best roofing warranties. This knowledge isn’t gained overnight but through years of working on diverse projects around the Denver area.

From installing new roof systems to dealing with storm damage repairs—you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve trusted your property to professionals who will make sure everything is done right—the first time

Hail Storm Damage

Living in Denver, hail storms are a common occurrence. They can leave behind significant damage to your roof that requires immediate attention. It’s essential to understand how to assess the damage and file insurance claims effectively.

Start by inspecting for signs of hail storm damage. This might include dents on gutters or shingles with bruised areas. If you lack the expertise, it is advisable to employ experts who possess the necessary qualifications and tools.

Filing an Insurance Claim After Hail Damage

The process of filing insurance claims after hail storms can be overwhelming but knowing what steps to take simplifies it significantly. First off, document everything. Take photos or videos showing the extent of the damage as proof when making your claim.

Contact your insurance company promptly about any damages from the storm. Provide them with all necessary documentation and cooperate fully during their inspection visit.

Avoid Future Hail Storm Damages: Prevention is Key.

To reduce future hail storm impact on your roof, regular maintenance is key. Keep trees trimmed back from hanging over roofs; fallen branches could exacerbate existing damages caused by hail storms leading towards more costly repairs down the line than just simple patch-ups here and there, which we usually see after such events.

Signs that your roof needs maintenance

It’s important to be aware of the signs that indicate your roof needs maintenance. By keeping an eye out for these signs, you can address issues before they worsen. Some common signs that your roof needs maintenance include:

  1. Missing or Damaged Shingles: If you notice missing or damaged shingles on your roof, it’s a clear indication that maintenance is needed. These issues can leave your roof vulnerable to leaks and further damage.
  2. Water Stains or Ceiling Spots: Water stains or spots on your ceiling can indicate a leak in your roof. If left unaddressed, leaks can cause extensive damage to your home’s structure and interior.
  3. Clogged Gutters: If your gutters are frequently clogged with debris, it can prevent proper water drainage from your roof. This can lead to water pooling and potential damage to your roof.
  4. Sagging Roof: A sagging roof is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. It can indicate structural damage or a weakened roof deck, which can lead to further problems if not addressed promptly.
Residential Roofing Services in Denver

Residential Roofing Services in Denver

Maintaining your roof's condition is critical for Denver homeowners to ensure their home's value and safety. From regular inspections to addressing storm damage promptly, quality roofing services are essential for maintaining your home's value and safety.

Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Routine inspections play an important role in spotting potential issues early on. Regular maintenance tasks like clearing debris from gutters or replacing damaged shingles will keep small problems from escalating into major repairs.

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Solutions: Repair vs Replacement

Determining if a repair is sufficient or an entire roof replacement necessary depends on various elements, including the age of the current roof, how much damage has been done, and budget limitations. Both options come with their pros and cons but ultimately aim at ensuring durability while maximizing protection against future damages.


  • Avoid delaying necessary repairs; this could lead to more costly fixes down the line.
  • An inspection after every significant storm ensures quick detection & rectification, thereby preventing further harm.
  • Prolonged exposure without timely action might require total replacements, which may become expensive.

Commercial Roofing Services in Denver

In the bustling city of Denver, commercial roofing services are a must for every business. With Interstate Roofing specializing in both residential and commercial roof repair, businesses can ensure their roofs stay sturdy and weather-resistant. A top-notch roofing company doesn’t only fix existing issues but also offers preventive measures against future damages. In essence: they don’t merely put a band-aid on problems – they eliminate them. Making The Right Choice Selecting an experienced roofer makes all the difference when investing in high-quality commercial services for your enterprise’s home base. Remember that tried-and-tested professionals won’t cut corners nor compromise quality because they value customer satisfaction above anything else.

Solar Panel Installation and Roof Systems

Denver's climate makes it a prime location for solar panel installation. But the key to maximizing this renewable energy source lies in having a solid, well-installed roof system. This is where Impact Energy steps in.

Unlike most solar companies, if you need a new roof before or after the installation of your solar panels, we can install your new roof in addition to detaching & resetting the solar panels after the roof has been installed.

Comprehensive Approach To Solar And Roof System Installation

By choosing Impact Energy, you're not just getting a solar installation—you're investing in a sustainable future for your home. Contact us today to start your journey towards energy independence and roof durability.

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Key Takeaway:

Denver's climate is ideal for solar panels, but a sturdy roof system is crucial too. That's where we at Impact Energy step in—not only do we install the panels, but we also equip you with a new roof designed to withstand Colorado's harsh weather. Our team boasts not just expertise in advanced PV system installation, but they're also seasoned pros in roofing—a distinction that sets us apart.

Colorado Solar Installers

Choosing the Right Denver Roofing Contractor

With a sea of options in Denver, picking the right roofing company can feel overwhelming. Let’s simplify that process for you.

The Experience Factor

You need an experienced roofer who knows their trade inside out. Take Impact Energy, operating since 2017 with an  A+ rating on their BBB profile.

Servicing Spectrum

A top-notch roofer should offer roof repair, replacement, and regular inspections among other services. They must also be adept at handling both residential and commercial projects like Impact Energy does.

Hail Damage Expertise

In hail-prone Denver, your chosen company needs to specialize in storm damage repair and insurance claim work just like Impact Energy does.

Solar Savvy Roofer

If you’re considering going green with solar panels, ensure your contractor understands new roof systems related to solar panel installation such as Impact Energy in Denver.

Remember: The best pick is one that meets all your specific needs.


The cost of installing a new roof can vary widely based on several factors. These include the type of roofing material, the size of the roof, labor costs, and your geographical location. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 for a new roof.

Factors Affecting Roof Installation Cost

Roofing Material: Asphalt shingles are generally the most affordable, while metal or slate roofs are more expensive.

Size of the Roof: The larger the roof, the more materials and labor will be required.

Labor Costs: Labor costs can vary based on the complexity of the job and the experience of the contractors.

Geographical Location: Costs can be higher in areas with a higher cost of living or stricter building codes.

The only way to know exactly how much your specific roof installation will cost is to get an estimate from a reputable local roofing company. They will inspect your roof and home to provide an accurate quote. Be sure to get at least three estimates before choosing a roofer.


Average Cost by Roofing Material

Roofing Material

Average Cost per Square Foot

Asphalt Shingles

$3.50 – $5.50

Metal Roof

$5.50 – $12.00


$10.00 – $20.00

Wood Shake

$6.00 – $9.00

The amount of time it takes to install a new roof depends on several factors, including the size of the roof, the roofing materials used, the complexity of the project, weather conditions, and the size of the roofing crew. Here is some more detail:

  • Roof size – A small residential roof (around 1,500-2,000 sq ft) typically takes 1-2 days for tear-off, replacement, and clean-up. Larger roofs can take multiple days or even weeks to finish.
  • Roofing materials – Asphalt shingles are the fastest to install. Other more complex materials like slate tiles or metal panels take longer.
  • Complexity – Basic rectangular roofs are simplest. Roofs with lots of angles, valleys, dormers and other elements take more time and care to work around.
  • Weather – Work may proceed more slowly during periods of rain, heat or high winds. Good conditions allow faster installation.
  • Crew size – More roofers on the job will expedite the installation process. 3-4 properly skilled workers make for efficient roofing.
  • Permitting – If permitting is required in your area, it can add a few days or weeks before installation can begin.


Most roofing projects take 2-4 days from start to finish. However, it’s best not to rush the process. A high quality roofing job requires care and precision workmanship, which takes time. Be wary of any roofer promising an unusually fast turnaround, as that can signal sloppy work and cutting corners. A new roof installed well should last 20-30 years, so it is worth investing the proper time upfront.