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We believe guiding principles used to manage not only the customer experience, but also internal affairs are what separate the good companies from the great companies.  At Impact, we pride ourselves on offering a world-class experience, simply by doing the right thing.  Our Core Values are based around the acronym that is IMPACT.








Why Impact

There’s thousands of solar companies to choose from.  Our competitive advantage, and why we have an A+ with the BBB, 5 star reviews on Google & Facebook is because of 2 reasons:

  1. We don’t sub out any of our work to 3rd party contractors that drop the ball and don’t care.  The majority of solar companies are just sales companies that sub out their work to other companies that don’t care about you as a customer.  So because we do everything in-house, it allows us to control the customer experience and make sure that things go quick and that you guys are happy.  And, we’re local so you can swing by our office and meet in person any time you want.  We aren’t some fly-by-night company out of Utah or California like most of these guys.
  2. Our Core Values are the biggest reason our customers love us and why we’re the highest rated company in the state.  IMPACT is an acronym that reflects what we believe in:  Integrity, Mastery, Attitude, Purpose, Community & Teamwork.  The biggest piece of that is Integrity.  We’re  going to shoot you straight.  We don’t have to lie to you to get you to do solar.  Solar sells itself.  We’ll stay in communication with you the whole time, and actually answer our phone when you call.  You’re not gonna have some project manager in India that you can’t understand. 

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